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VacWERKs VW-150-BL-110V

Sku#: 52710010 - Probst Handling

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Item Information

Lifting capacity: 440lbs. (200kg)

110v Turbine Power for Handling All Products - Even DryCast Concrete which other systems fail to lift securely.

BL stands for Blower vacuum. Blower (aka turbine) technology enables us to excell in the most difficult vacuum applications. ie: handling porous materials such as dry cast concrete. Blower vacuum generates a high degree of air volume resulting in a safe and secure grip even as air is lost due to surface textures and the relative porous nature of dry cast concrete. 110v Blower vacuum is your best insurance that the vacuum will work regardless of the properties of the material you and your customers work with.

*Plate on bottom sold separately. Each plate lifts a different weight capacity.

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